Holes In Your Photos


Those holes in your film are not merely holes made for nothing, they were definitely made for something special and one of those reasons is to add beauty in an already lovely analogue photo!

That’s why this week in our Community’s selection of photos, we have decided to pick 50 stunning Lomographs tagged under ‘sprocket’. It sure wasn’t an easy task to do for there are tons of beautiful photos uploaded in our Community!

So here they are. Enjoy!

Credits: ccwu, singleelderly, dotdotdot, wuxiong, tyler_durden, mephisto19, larahacefotos, zwensen, 12_12, dakadev_pui, cykolomo, leonids, bigbyte, boredbone, weaver, paranoid_expectation, tws, rafaelmartin2002, davidedevis, taissamello, placidcasua1, jasunmark, carmengraphy, veejaye, traaaart, blancarleal, philpheburbs, reniastar, isengrinn, imnotgic, handyhardian, mrkroket, patorayado, xyron, 007-0815-styler, panchoballard & nessarostia

Have we missed your amazing Lomograph with holes in it? Then don’t be shy and submit them.

The Sprocket Rocket is the first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And with dual winding knobs for easy multiple exposures, there is no limit to your analogue creativity with this panoramic wonder. See the Sprocket Rocket in our Shop!

written by mayeemayee on 2012-01-20 #lifestyle #panorama #sprockets #wide #community #selection #sprocket-rocket

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