Side by Side: A Documentary on Digital Cinema


Premiering at the Berlin Film Festival in February, this documentary lays the delicious debate of which is better: shooting on film or digital, out for all the see. Posing these questions, to directors, including David Lynch, is Keanu Reeves. We have the trailer, for you to whet your appetite, and some musings on the film, after the jump!

The documentary, by Christopher Kenneally, is in post-production. It features sit-down interviews with some of the biggest names behind the camera, conducted by the soft-spoken Keanu Reeves, who is also Producer. Among the interviewees are James Cameron, George Lucas, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Soderbergh.

As most of the directors, featured in the documentary, are old-pros to which film was (or still is) a marked part of life and identity, the debate over ‘shooting on film or digital’ could be construed as natural, and expected, owing to their overly analytical minds which are in the constant habit of debating things. It could also very well be that the topic of debate is an immensely important one which needs to be opened to the wider realm of cinema, and that includes the goers and ticket sellers. You are even asked, through their promotional materials, to “become a part of the debate”. We are anticipating that this documentary will achieve a substantial dialogue, come it’s unveiling next month.

While we muse away take this article, in The Guardian, in which leading movie-makers muse away on their love for the film format, in spite of its shortcomings. As Reeves so eloquently puts, in this article, “I often feel a photochemical image contains the mass of the subject and dimension; a digital image often feels as if it is mass-less. This could be nostalgia or simply how I learned to see. Others will not have this learning: they will probably never experience a photochemical image. Is this loss a tragedy, a revolution, an evolution? What have we lost, and what have we gained?” How would you respond to his question?

Perhaps you know where our biases lie, though coexistence, as is seemingly the message the title ‘Side by Side’ conveys, is always something that we all should strive for, with regards to everything.

Side by Side: The Science, Art, and Impact of Digital Cinema, will premier to the world on February 15, 2012, at the Berlinale. Release dates for North America, and elsewhere; have yet to be announced. You can check their official movie page, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.

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