The Burning Man Experience: Day and Night


This week, it’s all about the LC-A! Whether shooting day or night, our star camera can deliver. In accordance to this, I have found these wonderful videos capturing the intense energy of the Burning Man event both day and night. Let’s check it out!

Screenshots via Vimeo

Burning Man is a week-long event that is celebrated every year in the Black Rock Desert in the US state of Nevada. It starts one the Monday before the American Labor Day holiday and ends on Labor Day itself. The main attraction of the event is the burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday night of the event week attracting tens of thousands of visitors and spectators. The Burning Man event is governed by 10 principles, which are radical inclusion, gifting, de-commodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, and immediacy.

There are many festivities and the experience is very unique during the day and also at night. Vimeo user Ahmed documented the scorching hot happenings of the day and the surreal bright lights at night and separated them into two videos using great cinematography.

Burning Man: Day

Burning Man: Night

Now I know there’s nothing analogue about the images and videos, but don’t you think it would be awesome if we can capture the festivities on film? What do you think about documenting it with an analogue approach? What cameras, films, and accessories would you bring? For those of you who had done this, do you have pictures to share with the community? Comments section is always open.

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    aaaahhhhhhh home, lovely photo's. I hope I get a ticket through step.

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