We Started 2012 in Style in Amsterdam!

We started this new year in style in Amsterdam. Read the entire recap of the analogue new years party in the Lomography Gallery Store. Including pictures and a movie!

Johnny from Tilburg

Everyone knows it already. If there isn’t a clear reason for a party, we will figure one out. This new year’s party (nieuwjaarsborrel in Dutch) couldn’t be missing on the event calendar, and that’s why we invited everyone last Friday January 6th to toast with us on 2012!

Friends, neighbors, fanatic Lomographers and other relatives dropped by for a cold beer or processo and to say hi. It was cozy and gezellig, and great to see everyone again.

Credits: mrmaart

For example Lomographer John Machielsen. This true blue brabanber (guy from Brabant in Southern Holland) was dying to visit the Lomography Gallery Store in Amsterdam, but none of his friends wanted to join him this time. You might recognize this no-i-don’t-wanna-go-principal. This time John was sick of his friends lack of enthusiasm, and that’s why he went on his own all the way to Amsterdam. A good choice! Because he had a great night out, and the next day he had biiiig stories for his friends. How cool the party was, how many great people he met, and so on…

Our local lab friends from the HEMA also joined again. Including Daan, aka DJ RIKKIESAN. With all his wicked buttons and devices, he created some great minimal tunes to get the feet of the floor.

Credits: mrmaart

…and our own Joël aka the gift (w)rapper was happily shooting around with his LomoKino. Check this out:

Credits: mrmaart

You’re probably wondering when the next party will be? 12th of January! Foamlab Expo Party with our Lomo Amigos from Foam Lab. Read everything about this event here and be there!

Credits: mrmaart

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