Konica APS - A Slightly Different Disposable


The Konica APS Disposable camera is a cute little expired one time use camera that is loaded with Advanced Photo System film, also referred to as Advantix.

Among other minor differences, the film of the Konica APS Disposable is known to be 24mm wide, is capable (in non-disposable cameras) of recording different formats of the same picture taken (think panoramic, classic, etc.) and upon development, rather that receiving a string of negatives, you get the cartridge to keep. How did all of this effect me? Well, it was quite expensive to develop. I think my total price was $23.95, which did include prints of all 22 photos that turned out.

My shots turned out to have that striking yet natural tone that I’d expected from Advantix, and the grain was noticeably different than what I’m used to as well. I had been saving this camera for a “special occasion” and then got so fed up with it just sitting on my shelf not being enjoyed that I very haphazardly picked it up one day and started taking shots.

The 400 ISO definitely helped my photos out, especially due to my carelessness when taking them AND the fact that my built-in flash didn’t work; I’m assuming this is because of it being 3 years expired, but the Lomo shop doesn’t clarify, so I’m not completely sure. I can, however, agree with their description of this being “like cross processing lite.”

Overall, I’m not sure how soon I’ll be ordering another one of these, simply due to the overwhelming development costs. Not every lab can develop this type of film, so keep that in mind (my regular place had to send it out, surely adding to the cost.) If I do end up with another one of these cameras, I think I’ll save it for one of those extremely hot, bright sunny days; with the claim that this film is a laid back x-pro look while being great for “neutral” tones, I think lots of bright light would be the best setting to really see what it’s capable of.

If you’re on a budget, think about waiting until you have some extra money to try one of these out, or else call your lab ahead of time and try to find out their APS prices and whether or not they can do it in house or not.

written by strangelilgirl on 2009-05-22 #gear #review #konica #disposable #aps #advantix


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    Nice ! And your cats still look stunning !

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    hi do you know how to reload it?

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