My Favorite Patch of Greenery: Gunung Lang, Ipoh

My husband and I took a break during the weekend and paid a visit to Gunung Lang equipped with a Lomo LC-Wide and a BeLOMO Elikon 535. Once in, we were greeted with a magnificent lake enclosed by majestic limestone outcrops surmounted by lush greenery. Across the lake lies a landscaped park that is only accessible by boat. Fortunately, a jetty provides ferry services through water taxis for visitors like us to reach the park.

The lake was originally an old mining pool when the city authorities decided to develop a park, the lake was stocked with commercial fish, such as Lampan, Tilapia, and Keli. These fishes are tame and swarm the jetty, whereby visitors can feed them with bread and fish food. Fish food can be purchased at the counter in front of the entrance.

Situated on the park are attractions like a watch tower, playground, mini zoo, and gardens teeming with heliconias and bougainvillea flowers. You can see ostriches, deers, chickens, and other animals in the mini zoo. It is okay to bring along children to come to enjoy the nature, while learning and playing.

Gunung Lang provides a perfect venue for families to enjoy their weekend of relaxation. Meanwhile, the surrounding limestone hills draped in lovely greenery provides a mesmerizing view for your eyes. The park is open daily from morning ’til evening. Boat rides depart hourly with tickets costing MYR3 per adult and slightly less for children.

For those who love nature and greenery, you should come and pay a visit to Gunung Lang. It’s a perfect place for picnicking, recreational activities, and even taking photos.


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