Lightwoods Park, Birmingham


My local park has some great features!

First off there’s the weird wishing well things that aren’t wishing wells – but what the hell are they? Next, Lightwoods House, the sort of miniature stately home that appears to have been abandoned. There’s also the bandstand that hasn’t seen a band for decades, and the football pitch with only one goal!

But despite all the weirdness, it does have a lot of plus points. There’s a reasonable skate and bmx park (although I’m too timid to use it because of all the drunken teens), and the kids’ play park has a great selection of sit-on tractors and motorbikes (unfortunately, I’m too old to use them…)

What it does do well is a provide a big piece of green space in an urban environment, and on a sunny day (we don’t get many) it attracts lots of visitors, playing cricket and football, walking their dogs or just chilling out for a few hours.

written by d_i_hunter on 2009-05-25 #places #park #skate-park #playground #outdoors #location #bandstand #green-space


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Ahah ! I see a lot of nice submissions for the "same shot different cameras" rumble !

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Cool playground shots! Like n°11 :))

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