An Eye for Fashion: Norman Parkinson's Photographs

Norman Parkinson was an acclaimed British photographer who is most famous for his fashion photography. A new exhibition at Bristol’s Mshed is showing a selection of his photographs from the ’50s and ’60s which captured the spirit and fashion of these eras.

An Eye for Fashion is currently exhibiting a selection of 60 photographs from fashion photographer Norman Parkinson. The photographs chart a period of ten years and mark Britain’s movement into the swinging sixties.

Parkinson worked as a photographer for over 50 years and during his career he shot models, celebrities, members of the British Royal Family, musicians, artists and actors. He worked for Vogue, Harpaar’s Bazaar, Queen Magazine, Life, before going freelance in 1964.

The images come from a private collection from Parkinson’s assistant Angela Williams, who acquired the prints and photographs when Parkinson was relocating to Tobago. Parkinson contributed heavily to the development of fashion photography in Britain and its movement away from stuffy, contrived studio settings to more dynamic and creative environments. Several of the images have never been exhibited before, and included are images of the Rolling Stones that were shot for a spread entitled ‘How to Kill Five Stones with One Bird’.

Information on the exhibition may be found at Mshed. Sources of this article include: Guardian and Telegraph.

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