Listening to Sweet Music the Analogue Way


What if you could listen to your favorite vinyl records and…eat them afterwards? Some guys have managed to! Vinyl records + home made chocolate? Music listening doesn’t get more analogue than that!

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I prefer listening to music the analogue way: vinyl records are a huge passion of mine and I own quite a few. I also love mixtapes! And, I also love chocolate! Except chocolate doesn’t really have much to do with analogue music…or does it?

There are loads of music related objects made out of real edible chocolate, which of course don’t play music. I’ve seen iPod’s, CD’s and I’ve also found these beautiful chocolate cassete tapes made by a design student, Mathieu Dionne. See the photos above.

But what about chocolate vinyl records that really do play music? Some people have actually pulled it off! Check these out, they really are amazing:

I think this man was the first to do it:

Another man – a baker from Edinburgh – has also done a playable 7" chocolate vinyl record that was released as a limited edition for a local band. Apparently you get to play it 10 times before it wears off:

Since then, I’ve also seen playable chocolate vinyl records in a local shop in my city that only sells hand-made chocolate. I didn’t get to try it though because it was way too expensive!

This just gave me an idea: somebody really should make a cheap working chocolate disposable camera! It would come with a roll of film inside and after shooting it you would rewind the film, crack the chocolate camera open to take the roll out to get developed, and finally you could eat the camera. They should be available in various colors: brown (milk chocolate) black (dark chocolate) white (white chocolate) and pink (strawberry chocolate). Would you want to buy it? I definitely would.

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  1. gelibee
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  2. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    awesome! but i'd be worried about the chocolate ruining my record player

  3. purepaty
    purepaty ·

    i want a chocolate camera too ^.^

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