A Raw Look at 1980s NYC by Steven Siegel


We implore you check out these 1980s photographs by Steven Siegel as we swear you’ll feel a second skin of frayed bell-bottom jeans growing, and have congested cars honking along to Madonna on the cab radio ringing in your ears!

Images via Gothamist & 12ozprophet

They’re amazingly representative and gritty, yet at the same time full of the “New York Groove” KISS sang about. And, like the Broadway musical RENT does, Siegel’s photos make your heart pound loudly, like the sounds of already heavily bruised garbage cans being crashed into, audible from a 40th floor penthouse in Gotham.

Siegel’s entire collection, of ‘steam rising off cement sidewalks and potholes’ scenes of the yellow taxicab littered city, is captivating, honest, and brings those who’ve lived through the 80s back-in-time or, for those who haven’t, revives the decade, bringing it back into full ‘shoulder pad’ swing, if only for a moment. You can flick through them all on his set on Flickr

Some of his photos show the post apocalyptic looking New York City, rife with crime, on the verge of a drug epidemic. Others are portraits of unlikely friends, posing for the camera, showcase the architecture of the city, and are romantic, as was the infamous Bohemian Alphabet City. All, however, are photos we’d like framed and hung on our (unfortunately, graffiti-free) walls!

This Kottke post was the inspiration for this article.

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