Waa Wei 魏如萱 Bumps into the LC-A+ with Closed Eyes

Waa Wei 魏如萱 is a Taiwanese female singer and also the former lead singer of the band Natural Curl 自然捲. The unique and stylish Waa collided with the classic Lomo LC-A+ and the analogue world. She says she always has bad shots, however still uploading her photos without fail, because she wants her photos to find their home – the LomoHome.

LomoHome: lovewaa
City: Taipei
Country: Taiwan

Let’s talk about yourself!

My voice is my toy, I love singing for myself, and I love even more singing for others. I feel that my voice is like a translator, sometimes it would translate into some context that I can’t even understand at once.

How long have you been a Lomographer? How did you start Lomography?

I’ve been liking the Lomography cameras all this while, always wanted a LC-A+ , but it was only borrowed from friends, or they shot me with their LC-A+. Previously I didn’t have any Lomography cameras, when I started to own my LC-A+ and got to know the mysterious analogue world, I feel scared but at the same time surprised to see the results.

Credits: lovewaa

What do you think about the combination of music and images? What kind of music/melody is on your mind while pressing the shutter?

Many beautiful images always have their own melodies, some even have its own poems. The story of a picture differs with its colour, angle, location and people, and its melody would follow all these differences as well as people’s memories. When you click the shutter, there’s not melody, that is.. a pause. Pause is not a stop, it’s just a little gap between melodies,.

Just being curious, on your many journeys and performance tours, what do you must have in your bag, and why?

Mobile phone and lip balm. I love taking pictures a lot, or I should say I really want to be able to capture any memorable moment. Some moments would never happened again when it passed. I don’t really like to bring a camera while performing because it might be broken easily, so whenever I have my camera, I would start taking pictures.

Lip balm is like a protection, I feel weird whenever touching a microphone which has been kissed by many people. So by applying lip balm, it seems to me that I have a layer of protection.
p.s: I tend to have my mouth wide open when I sing, I have to keep it moisturized so I won’t feel sick. (LOL why does it sound funny…)

Both music and photography are ways of creation, some people also think that these could release stress, what do music and photography mean to you?

Both music and photography are something that appeared differently in the end when comparing with the initial imagination. They seem like something very light, but they are both very poisonous!

Credits: lovewaa

Please tell us your funniest and most memorable photography experience!

This year for the visual effect of the Hong Kong “Nude” concert, I asked a friend to help me to take pictures in the bathtub. While shooting, the water got cooler and cooler and I was also choked by the water. Luckily the final results were satisfactory. But the most memorable thing is, how could someone got choked in the bathtub??! LOL!

With unlimited budget, if you were to be a director for a MV, which song would you choose to shoot with a Lomography camera?

That would be the song “吼友” in my latest album “不允許哭泣的場合”.

If you can go back to the past, and pick someone in the past to be your model, who would you like him/her/them to be and why?

My mom and dad, can I?

If you’re a Lomography research officer, what kind of new camera would you like to invent?

I want a camera which gives a nice fragrance as soon as I press the shutter. A fragrance camera. Because I feel that images and smells are both related.

Please describe the joy and touching moments that Lomography brought to you with 3 songs!

一時 /Waa Wei 魏如萱 不允許哭泣的場合
局部的人 /Waa Wei 魏如萱 優雅的刺蝟
A Todo Color /Waa Wei 魏如萱 甜蜜生活

Please tell us something about your recent life and coming plans!

My third album 「不允許哭泣的場合」was released last November, and I want to thank everyone who supports me. It took many efforts to complete a brand new album. %{color:red}You might not know many things, but you would know many things after facing the challenges bravely % 。

Coming up, my first concert on the 4th of March, I’m really looking forward and feeling excited about it.

My voice is my toy (film), and I will continue playing (camera) with it, just like the relationship between films and cameras. I would not leave my analogue cameras behind with the invention of digital cameras. I wanna play hard!

Credits: lovewaa

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