My Most Memorable Travel Escapade in 2011: Cadaqués

Cadaques is a harbour town in Northern Spain near Girona. It’s a half-hour drive from Barcelona. It’s a popular holiday destination for locals and there were lots of French people there for the weekend (most people thought we were French as well).

Cadaqués is a beautiful place with beautiful light. I hadn’t been on holiday in over two years. My girlfriend’s parents invited me to stay with them.

It was an interesting place. The town is on the beachfront and fairly exposed to the sea which is great for a photographer because you can sit and have tapas and a beer while waiting for interesting light/people to snap.

Many famous artists spent time in Cadaqués, most notably, Salvador Dali and there is a museum dedicated to his work here. Unfortunately we were too late to get in which was quite surreal.

Ultimately my favourite part of the holiday was just walking around and looking at the buildings and enjoying the incredible light. I shot mostly colour negatives which turned out superbly. I would certainly recommend this as a place to visit and would be delighted to go back!

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