Photos on Pages Volume 3: Ramones: An American Band


As analogue lovers, there’s no telling in how much we adore film photographs. Seeing one’s shots on actual prints and compiled in a book brings visual elation and self-gratification. Photos on Pages is a series which features photo-books by great photographers. In this third volume, the spotlight is on the phenomenal punk rock band, the Ramones, and their apocalyptic film shots by various rock photographers.

Ramones: An American Band book scan — source

Featured Book: Ramones: An American Band
Featured Photographers: Roberta Bayley, Danny Fields, Godlis, Bob Gruen, Ian Harper
Writer: Jim Bessman
Category: music and punk rock photography
Publication: St. Martin’s Griffin, May 1993

Hailing from the middle-class suburb of Queens, New York, the Ramones is considered to be the first punk rock band in music history. Originally composed of Johnny, Dee Dee, Joey, and Tommy (and then later on with Marky, Richie, CJ, and Elvis), they revolutionized a broad and lasting influence on the development of popular music. They were not biologically related to one another but they completely invented a whole new music genre.

There are countless books and documentaries about the Ramones. I have recently watched End of the Century, a biopic of them released in 2003, and I became much more hooked with them. I grew up with my siblings and cousins listening to punk rock and I have always adored the Ramones’ manic tempo, their short but easily captivating songs (Blitzkrieg Bop; I Wanna Be Sedated), and their melodramatic ballads (I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend; Baby, I Love You), which, personally, are my favorites.

In this photo-book, Ramones: An American Band, authored by Jim Bessman, the roaring music and the trash-culture lifestyle of the Ramones are depicted through the photographs of noted music photographers such as Roberta Bayley, Danny Fields, Godlis, Bob Gruen, and Ian Harper. Through these pictures, the greatness of the Ramones will forever be etched in rock and roll history. Let’s take a look at their photos on pages…

Ramones: An American Band book scans — source

Fourteen studio albums and more than two thousand concerts and gigs later, from the time they formed in 1974 until they disbanded in 1996, there is no doubt that the Ramones saved rock and roll and that they inspired & saved millions of kids around the world. They will always be regarded as ‘the high priests of punk, the stars of rock ’n roll high school, the royal avatars of rock, raunch, and rebellion.’

“We were real. We were unique. We’re like four unique individuals. It’s a chemical thing. It’s a strong chemical imbalance. Opposites attract and all that crap.” — Joey Ramone (1948 – 2004)

Which of these protopunk photographs of the Ramones by various music photographers strike your liking the most? What other photo-books of well-known artists/musicians would you like to get featured in the Analogue Lifestyle? Let us know through a comment below. Stay tuned for the next volume of Photos on Pages!

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