Django Django: Stop Motion Music Video

Pop group Django Django show off their art-school roots in their stop motion video for their new single ‘Default’. Reminiscent of the style of surreal British comics, the quartet don homemade masking tape jumpsuits to the delight of audiences, when performing live. You’ve had a taste, now jump on to the main event, and delight in the hand painted frames!

See the resemblance? Images via Beat & Whitesombrero

“I always wanted to make a music video using colors, collage and my background in painting" says Django Django drummer, producer, and band leader, David Maclean. Well, he, and the rest of the band, have succeeded, with the direction of Dan Burton! And, might we add, very nicely so!

Images via Nowness

After viewing this music video several times (made up of over 4,000 individual frames, a handful of which can be seen in the gallery above) there’s no doubt it’s ‘infectious’, with its sound effects, “talk nerdy to me lyrics”, soothing vocals, revival of the tambourine and, of course, stop motion, hand painted, style of animation!

Speaking of drummers, I’m reminded of the Ringo Starr line in The Magic Christian “Groove with your space commander dad.” The futuristic sound distortions in ‘Default’ evoke images of ‘space commanders’ and, the psychedelic, 60s style tambourine usage, quality remind of the 1969 British comedy starring a slew of fantastic actors.

Give it a listen, below, and be sure to watch the video, exclusively on Nowness!

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