Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 41: The Lomographers Say: ”Truly Enlightening”

Creative individuals talk about their love for Lomography and of course, the Fisheye!

Tracy Moore
42, Artist / Fire Protection Engineer
Issaquah, Washington, USA

I collect random human encounters in books that I make and carry around with me everywhere I go. I get people to write and draw things in my books and I capture them on film with my various Lomographic cameras – which I use like live bait to lure them to my cause.

Favorite Fisheye feature: I love the “B” setting on the Fisheye 2. The results from dual-flashing, long time swirly light effects just blow my mind. I have only just begun to explore all the wild possibilities with this feature.
Expert technique: Bar hopping with my Fisheye…it’s the best. People are always drawn to it…they just cant keep away from its unique design. My favorite thing is to get people to turn their head as I shoot. The first flash catches them in sharp focus…then I move the camera around so the neon beer signs produce ethereal swirls of color around the image captured by the second flash (Colorsplash), thereby creating an instant double exposure filled with power.
Lomography? Freedom to capture the weird way that I see the world and share it with like-minded people from all over the globe.
Message: The Fisheye camera is the ultra-camera for any situation. It takes no thought whatsoever…just put the camera close to any subject and snap the shot. This camera lends itself so well to night-time forays as well as trips to the park. It is the camera I that always have with me at all times.

“Rumble in the Pond” is a 368-page hardcover book bursting with 170-degree Fisheye madness. Inside your will find exclusive tips and tricks, Lomographer profiles & interviews, an informative history of Fisheye lenses and goldfish breeding, and several hundred eye-popping barrel-distorted fisheye images. Get your own ""Rumble in the Pond"== Fisheye Book==": now!

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