Xizhou Village (喜洲) Yunnan Province, China


A historical famous city and also typical commercial center of Bai ethnic.

Xizhou village is one of the Bai ethnic minority villages around the Erhai Lake, which is very close to Dali Old Town. You can get there by taxi or tourist service if you are in a rush and have some cash to spend or by a simple cheap local bus (or two, or three with the on-need-basis schedule).

The village is very touristic as well and it is very hard to get off the beaten path: first place you will most likely be directed to is kinda Bai people museum, where you can drink Bai people tea, get the information about Bai ethnic minority and see traditional Bai dancing. Having said that, we’ve turned our faces to the narrow streets, backyards, Bai architecture and green Yunnan fields that can be seen through the village gates.

If you got yourself there you may want to continue to Zhoucheng – a village where tide-ups are made to look at the factories and to buy some for the present or for a home of your own.

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