First Photos with Diana Mini


Overall, I am absolutely in love already. Although I have not received images I consider to be of the highest potential caliber, I am excited to see future results. Poor quality images simply mean I need to practice and experiment with my Diana Mini more and more and more.

I purchased my Diana Mini at the very end of 2011. I was, as I expected myself to be, giddy like a little school girl upon its delivery. I realized all too late that I had completely forgotten to buy a flash attachment to accompany my new camera (a 1960’s Diana Camera is now en route to my mailbox along with a sparkly new flash attachment).

I am extremely new to this Lomography community, but feel like everyday it is easier to grasp on to the concept (or slight lack there of). When I picked up my first roll of film from the lab, I must admit how disappointed I was. Images were washed out and blurry, overexposed, unsaturated. I blamed it on my choice to buy a high ISO film (800; stupid, I know.) For the second roll, I tried ISO 200, but got very similar results. Again, I blame myself. I know I have not been paying close enough attention to the settings (although few) the Diana Mini offers, such as four different focus settings, a cloudy/sunny switch, and a N/B switch (short or longer exposure). I am now on my third roll of film (it takes longer to complete a roll, since I can “shoot forever”!), a Lomography brand ISO 100. I have high hopes.

Although I haven’t seen all of what my Diana Mini can do, I am extremely excited to see what she has in store for me.


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  1. rin2yume
    rin2yume ·

    Keep at it! Similarly to you, I didn't buy my Diana Mini until the end of October or November? I'm still on my second roll because for Christmas, I also received a Diana F+, so I've been switching between the two! I'm a full time student, so I find it hard to carry my Diana with me to class.

    However, as they say, practice makes perfect! :)

  2. marinela
    marinela ·

    I'm on the same boat! What has really helped me is reading the reviews and tips on this site! And like you I'm madly in love.... and a little addicted to my mini!

  3. jessbluming
    jessbluming ·

    I was disappointed by my first rolls, too, but now I ordered Afga Vista ISO 800 and I'm excited to try a faster kind!

  4. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Most Lomography cameras are calibrated to work with 400 iso film and I would always recommend you start with 400 iso film to get used to the settings. If you use faster or slower film you need to compensate with the sunny/cloudy settings on the camera, for instance with 100 iso film you could only shoot on a sunny day, but you would need to set the aperture switch to cloudy.

  5. hootie
    hootie ·

    I have a Diana F+ that was bought for me for Xmas, and like you im utterly in love, Ive never done any kid of photography class or read much technically so its been all the more exciting with experiments and knowing what to expect, Im currently on my 4th roll of film. Good Luck.... I will keep an eye out for your pics, it will be nice to see how you get on :)

  6. bongo_biene
    bongo_biene ·

    I got my diana mini about half a year ago. its a treasure. but as you i wasnt really sattisfied from my first rolls. so i just to share the most important things i learned. 1. use (Dia) Slide Films and Cross process it (you get amazing colour effects) 2. Use a flash, then you have the perfect party accessoire (you can get a flash adapter then you dont have to spend 50 bucks for a flash) 3. Find a good foto lab, the pictures get much better.

  7. grifter
    grifter ·

    My Diana Mini, perhaps by fault of my own, takes every photo with a big gap in between. I am a little perturbed by it... I have only shot 3 films with it, all developed ok, but I don't have access to my film scanner, but really more worried there is something wrong with it's big gaps. as big as the half frame it self it seems.

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