My Lomo LC-A+ Story: Live Life Analogue


I started Lomography a few years ago. A friend of mine, Zulkamal Azman, was the one who introduced me to Lomo. Read on to know more about my LomoStory.

Photo by wandy_saeit

At the time, he brought Fisheye2 and showed me some of the photos taken using by the camera itself. The moment I saw those photos, I got really impressed. Then, I decided to grab one. And till now Fisheye2 is still my favorite Lomo camera among the rest. I love it so much to this day. The most interesting part about Fisheye2 is, that we can’t get the same effect from other cameras. Yeah, well, probably people can create it through photoshop or by using a DSLR.

Lomography and my community

In early 2010, I had created my own community which I named LOMOHUNTER before it changed to ANALOG GARAGE. The community was successfully joined by almost 80 followers all around Sarawak. We had so many activities, outings and getherings in Kuching. It was awesome.

There were so many sweet, as well as bad memories during my Lomographic journey. I met a lot of new friends – boys and girls, young and old, we share our experience together. I can never take away my LC-A+ away from my hand. I bring it everywhere – when I go to work, travel and even when I go to market! And i believe most of lomographers will admit that, LC-A+ is like their second wife. Well, so do I!. Apart from that, I’m also proud to be a lomographer because it makes me more and more creative and versatile. The sweetest memory that I would never ever forget in my life was when I was interviewed by the newspaper, radio station, and a TV station to introduce Lomography to the public.

In the middle of 2010, I tried to setup my own shop in my city. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t with me.

So, why LC-A+? As i mentioned earlier, LC-A+ is one of my “BBF”. I always shoot using my LC-A+! For me LC-A+ is something rare and irreplaceable. Besides that, LC-A+ is lovely and straightforward. I really love the MX effect as well, I love to play with it when I hangout with my love ones.

Anyway, I just grabbed a brand new LC-Wide. It was awesome. And I really love the wide view. Well, here’s my LomoStory and I hope to hear yours soon! ;) Live Life Analogue!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

written by wandy_saeit on 2012-01-31 #lifestyle #analogue #malaysia #lomo-story #lomostory #lomography #lc-a


  1. nasih
    nasih ·

    agreed, L-CA+ is the best wife.

  2. ripsta
    ripsta ·

    Congrats wandy

  3. inihafeezhyd
    inihafeezhyd ·

    wah really love the story :)

  4. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    I'm from Kuching too.. =) and i just got my LC-WIDE today.. can't wait to get my photos develop..

  5. wandy_saeit
    wandy_saeit ·

    tq ripsta..u are one of my idol..hehe


  6. wandy_saeit
    wandy_saeit ·

    xephryrus wow it nice..add my Fb wandy saeit..tq

  7. eastmoe
    eastmoe ·

    lomo on wandy =)

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