Dali (大理) Old Town During Chinese New Year (Yunnan Province, China)


A must destination if you find yourself in Yunnan province. Attention: lots of very colorful pics from the Chinese New Year celebrations!

Get off the bus or train in Xiaguan Dali city and take the local bus to the Dali Old (Ancient) city. Being a capital of Bai People Autonomous prefecture the place is much more touristic that one could expect. Tourists from all over the world, restaurants, hotels make the fact that English is more spoken here then in any other nearby place.

Dali is very relaxing and offers lots of activities, such as visiting Three Pagodas and Chongsheng Temple, making a track on Cangshan mountain, visiting villages, located around the Erhai Lake and simply enjoying the cousine and music in astronomical number of local bars.

We were lucky to celebrate Chinese New Year in Dali, so that multiple parades of various ethnic minorities, hand-made fireworks and beer became our friends for almost two weeks. And one more tip: one day should you decide to move on – buy your bus tickets 2-3 days in prior (or go by yourself to the bus station in Xiaguan).


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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Excellent gallery ! And the shot with the sun through the clouds is gorgeous !

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