Gloriously Analogue Reviews on the LomoKino


Since we launched our 35mm movie maker, the LomoKino, it has created a lot of buzz from all over the world wide web. Various features and reviews of our first-ever were published online.

Here are the top 5 LomoKino features and reviews we’ve scoured online. Let’s read about what these notable websites think about the analogue awesomeness that is LomoKino:

1. Engadget: LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker lets you channel your inner Charlie Chaplin for $80

“With this device, amateur filmmakers can manually produce their own frill-free movies on any roll of 35mm film. All you have to do is load your film into the so-called “magic box,” turn the crank and let the LomoKino work its magic."

You may read the full feature here.

2. PCWorld: LomoKino Film Camera Shoots Lo-Fi Movies

“Of course, the camera is still all about being artsy, and with some film development tricks, it can produce effects like a saturated slide film, red scale, color negative, or black and white. It’s also still got those toy camera looks, so expect the usual light leakage, blurring, purple fringing around really bright light, and vignetting corners.”

You may read the full feature here.

3. TheCoolist: LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker

“Like other Lomography cameras, the LomoKino Super 35 is intended to reproduce the analog beauty that is often lost in digital photography and videography. The point with a camera like this is the happy mistakes, the color saturation, the under/overexposures, the grainy feel– all of these make for a special capture of otherwise fleeting moments.”

You may read the full feature here.

4. UberGizmo: Lomography LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker Camera creates old school films

“While we have plenty of apps that have filters to give our videos shot on our smartphones an old school, retro feel, there’s nothing quite like shooting movies on authentic vintage equipment. Thanks to Lomography, you won’t have to fork out an exorbitant amount of money on buying a vintage video camera to get the job done. The company has just released the LomoKino Super 35 – a video camera that accepts any kind of 35mm film cartridge.”

You may read the full feature here.

5. Gizmodo: Lomography LomoKino Lightning Review: Lights! Camera! And…Crank the Handle to Film the Action!

“Point the camera, choose the aperture, and wind the handle: it couldn’t be easier to use… Shooting with the LomoKino is really easy, but it’s worth pointing out that you have to turn the handle harder than you think you should. As there’s no microphone for capturing sound (not that 35mm film can record it anyway), you don’t need to worry about yelling out to your friends “Sh*t! Can you do that again?” nor worry too much about keeping the camera upright and steady — any shakes just add to the “homemade” quality of your film.”

You may read the full feature here.

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written by nyebe on 2012-01-19 #news #reviews #lomokino

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