Murder Is My Business by Weegee

In this photo exhibit, the exceptional photojournalism of Weegee is on spotlight. Read more about his signature style when it comes to crime photography after the break…

Photo via International Center of Photography

Weegee was one of the most influential American photographers in history. He photographed New York City crimes and emergency services between the mid-‘30s and mid-’40s. His photographs depicted realistic scenes of life and death. They were dramatic — and sometimes — lurid and his signature style became known as tabloid journalism.

In this exhibition called Murder Is My Business, features Weegee’s extensive archive and also includes environmental recreations of his apartments. Here are some of his stark black and white photographs in the exhibit:

Photos via International Center of Photography

Weegee’s Murder Is My Business photo exhibit will be on display at the International Center of Photography from January 20th until September 2nd, 2012.

Images and information in this article were taken from International Center of Photography.

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