Kodak Portra 400VC 35mm: Bright, Crisp, Strong Colors

Kodak Portra 400VC film is an excellent film choice if you want a special color negative film that gives bright, crisp, and strong colors. Try it before stocks run out!

Last year, I was very lucky to have a holiday that started in New York and then involved making a road trip around South Florida. The first film I put into my Sprocket Rocket was the Kodak Portra 400 VC. I love this film and you can always be sure that it gives you great photos whatever the conditions.

I think what makes it great for me is it is that bit more that a standard negative. It is a professional film, has a fine grain and the colours just pop out, similar to a slide film, especially blues, yellows and reds, as shown here with the bright blue New York skies.

Credits: rosebud82

Even when we moved down to Florida where the sun is brighter and stronger, the film held up fine giving great results and didn’t show any signs of being slightly over exposed.

Credits: rosebud82

I also tried taking a photo indoors at the new Dali Museum in St. Pete’s, and the Portra coped really well (okay, so it was quite light inside given the amount of windows, but still!).

Credits: rosebud82

A shot taken a night, helped with the neon lights, still gave an excellent colour results

Credits: rosebud82

It also gives lovely colours when used on a double exposure.

Credits: rosebud82

I would definitely recommend this film, as I haven’t come across any negative points. Give it a go and grab some before the final stocks of this discontinued film are gone, if you want something above the normal color negative film.

The Kodak Portra 400 VC 35mm is a true professional`s choice. This portrait film yields great contrast and slamming colours, giving your shots a subtle x-pro look (without the x-pro)! See the whole range of colour negatives in our Shop.

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