Mission: Cities by Night

Check out some nighttime missions we have for you! No typical game plan here, of bar hopping or other indoor activities, but instead tips on how to enjoy the outdoors. So stroll through a Chinatown, along a promenade where light shows take place after dark, and look up special events, such as outdoor art exhibitions!

Credits: kneehigh85

Rub a Laughing Buddha Belly – Visit a Chinatown
The above shot is of Liverpool’s Chinatown, and can be read about in depth in the Locations article:
A Chinese Holiday Feast: Chow's House, Liverpool

Credits: odax

An Art Exhibit in the Dark
Here you see the Art in the Dark exhibition at Western Park in Auckland City, which you can find out more about in the article:
Art in the Dark at Auckland’s Western Park

Credits: evon_t

Amuse yourself at an Amusement Park
Here’s a game of knock over the bottles at Genting First World Indoor Park on a mountain peak in Malaysia. For more details check out:
An Urban Adventure at Genting Highlands

Credits: gateau

Stroll the Pier and find Whimsical Abstractions!
While gazing at the sunset over the pier, you might encounter something splendid, like the special tower landmark on Hong Kong’s Kwun Tong Promenade:
Out to Sea with Your Loved Ones: Kwun Tong Pier Coast and Promenade (Hong Kong)

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