Imperial War Museum, London


A great place to take your dad/ grandad/ brother/ son, anyone who loves big hunks of metal, war history and GUNS!

I originally went to the Imperial War Museum London to take a few pictures for my dad for his birthday – he loves a good aeroplane!

This is a great place to take any weary dad or brother who’s traipsed around after you up and down Oxford Street, would rather not visit Primark or Topshop, lure them to guns and war instead! They can come here and get up close and personal with tanks, aeroplanes and war history as well as plenty of temporary exhibitions and some great big guns outside. And best of all its FREE entry! (Although some of the temporary exhibitions may charge).

I will go back soon, and take my dad, and get some more photos with a better flash! Make a nice aeroplane collage for my dad.

written by catx on 2009-06-28 #places #location #london #spitfire #imperial-war-museum #wwii #wwi

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sweet ! I love the last one... But if you plan to go there again, I would recommend you to bring a tripod to take Bulb shots, rather than a flash... I think... Cheers...

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