Why Nighttime Scenes are Fun


What constitutes nighttime. Well, anything after dusk, when the sun isn’t peeking out from behind any building, when it’s on its way to the other hemisphere. For night creatures, a category into which some humans fall, it’s a fun, exciting time to be out and shooting photos!

Artificial lighting as the sole light to illuminate objects in your photo, with films of all ISOs, is always a gamble! It’s fun though, to experiment with long exposures, practice ghost writing, and want to get up close and personal with your subject, bulb-in-face and all.

Credits: inoportuno

Unless your subject happens to be a pissed-off looking chameleon!

Credits: marcus-gwiasda, itisanormalname, pawathj & neonlight

Any aspect of city life is an interesting photo. The streets at night are particularly photogenic, just take a look at the Japanese ‘moon’ lit taxicab, beaming down on the back shiny car top, with the out of focus lights in the background. And what about the shots of fireworks and fire blowers, the heat radiating off the photo paper.

It’s always a treat to open that packet of newly developed film and see that your night creature status comes with night vision (could be a superpower) and the ability to capture pictures, 90 percent black, that still tell vivid story.

So, what are you waiting for! Get out, at night, with your camera and flashbulb on, functioning as your flashlight. We can already see your face in the taxicab window, with neon sign writings plastered, and stoplights blinking on your forehead, against the glass, as you zoom on by.

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    Some of my favorite sort of photography :D

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