The Grand Hotel : Scarborough


The Grand Hotel overlooks Scarborough’s South Sea and is built around an interesting concept; it is one of Scarborough’s most recognizable landmarks and is a brilliant example of Victorian architecture.

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The Grand Hotel was designed by architect Cuthbert Brodrick, (who also designed Leeds Town Hall and Corn Exchange) and was built between 1862-1867 and was one of the first and largest purpose built hotels in Europe.

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The design was based on the concept of time with four towers to represent the four sessions, twelve floors to represent the twelve seasons, fifty-two chimneys to represent the weeks, and 365 bedrooms for each day of the year.

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The hotel was also built in the shape of a ‘V’ in honour of Queen Victoria and is a key example in Victorian Architecture. Although the hotel does not offer the same grandeur as when it was built, it is still a remarkable building on Scarborough’s seafront.

Credits: marthasmarvels

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    This is the one they used for film the Grand Budapest Hotel, right?

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