The Lubitel Book: Love At First Read


The Lubitel: Love From Waist Level book is packed with interesting information and gorgeous photos. It is fun, colorful, informative all with an eye-catching design thrown into the mix. Just like the Lubitel, it really is a thing of beauty.

I’ve written before about how much I love the Lubitel. I also love books so it was only natural that I’d end up buying Lomography’s Lubitel: Love From Waist Level Book.

I wasn’t too keen on the cover and I must admit it almost put me off of buying it. However, my Lubitel addiction go the best of me and I bought it and I must say I’m really glad I did! So what I can say is, while it wasn’t love at first sight, as soon as I opened it and started flipping through it and reading it it was definitely love at first read.

When you open it the first thing you see is a huge repoduction of the exposure chart that comes on the back of the Lubitel 166+. I thought that looked really cool and I instantly forgot about not liking the cover.

From then on graphic design wise, the book is really beautiful! It starts by showcasing tons of gorgeous photos taken with Lubitel camera’s

After being so visually inspired with some wonderful images we are then taken to the Index, where we get to see beforehand a glimpse of all the insightful Lubitel related information that lies ahead.

Just like in other Lomogaphy books we are then reminded of the 10 Golden Rules we are all so fond of and afterwards the Intoduction gives us a little intro into what the book is all about. The next few chapters talk about the Lubitel and Lubitel+, Lubitel love, Lubitel lovers, how it feels like to shoot with a Lubitel and how you should go about shooting with a Lubitel.

Then we are presented with insightful Lubitel history that encompasses not only the various Lubitel models and people associated with them but also Lubitel’s predecessors. The next chapter, “Lubitel Experts,” has two very interesting interviews with a photography teacher who is also a camera collector (he and his wife alone own a collection of over 4,000 analog Soviet cameras!) and a Professional Lubitel Tester and Technical Expert.

We are then given some detailed info (by Lomography’s camera developer Cat Ong Chun Moon) about the Lubitel+ and how it came of age, followed by interviews with the winner’s of the 2008 Lubitel Lover’s Rumble, and some Lubitel tips and techniques.

The book ends with a little history and information about lomography and the Lomography Society International.

All in all, it is a beautiful informative book packed with amazing images and gorgeous graphic design. The text on the back cover of the book says it all: “Dedicated to the endles love, unyielding passion, and pure, analog lust inspired by both the classic Lubitel and the Lubitel+ cameras.”

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    I have a good 166U... bought more than 20 years ago... before the beginning of Lomography.. and I'm curious about the book content!

  2. foodeanz
    foodeanz ·

    @sirio174 cool..why are u curious bout the content?

  3. gilbycoyote
    gilbycoyote ·

    I own a '75 lubitel 2 in mint cond, and i love this camera. I bought a used 166+ from ebay only days ago. Can't wait to try 35mm film!

  4. gilbycoyote
    gilbycoyote ·

    And the book that comes with it :))

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