Midweek Movies: Day for Night (1973)


A 1973 French film about the making of a film! With references to classic films and notable figures like Fellini and Buñuel, it’s a visual love letter dedicated to the cinema. It’s also known to be the film that broke François Truffaut’s friendship with Jean-Luc Godard.

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Day for Night (“La Nuit Americane” in French) is a peek behind the scenes – a hilarious chronicle about how movies are made – the fake snow, slip-ups, outbursts – and most importantly, how people work passionately to create a seamless film.

Watch the trailer here:

Oh, and about the Truffaut-Godard dispute? It’s been said that the latter walked out during the Day for Night screening and called the movie “a lie.” Truffaut retaliated in the form of a 20-page letter, saying that Godard had become a “radical-chic hypocrite.” Wow.

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