Planning Your First LomoKino Movie


Making a movie with a solid storyline is no easy feat. Here are some tips that you can use when you start planning for your first LomoKino movie.

Everyone knows that the base of a good movie is a good storyline. Think of a story that you would like to shoot with the LomoKino. You can start with a short story for your first movie, probably a few minutes long. While creating your story, think of how you would want each scene to register on screen. Unleash your creativity!

Now that you have the script locked, it’s time for you to choose some people who will play the characters in your movie. Approach your friends or some family members who are willing to act in front of the camera. Tell them your story and which character you want them to play.

Find a good location. This is easy as setting up your own backyard to be an epic location for your movie or going out to scout for a space where you can shoot (forest, beach, park).

Since you’ll be using film, it’s best to rehearse with your actors so that every frame shot with the LomoKino will make it to the final cut. Rehearse their movements to ensure a smooth flow during the shooting day.

Set a schedule
Find a good time for your movie shoot. Since you’ll only be doing a short film, a day should be enough to cover all the scenes. Don’t forget to consult with your actors regarding their availability for the shoot.

That’s it! You can start shooting your movie when everything is in place. Have fun and good luck on making your LomoKino movie!

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  1. blinghaha
    blinghaha ·

    great article, i just got my first 4 lomokino films back, none worked = lack of light :(

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