Using the LomoKino as a Photobooth

You can sure have loads of fun making movies with the LomoKino, but have you ever thought about using it as a photobooth? Read on for some tips.

Credits: mindyminde


  • LomoKino with film
  • any flash with a synch cord
  • a sturdy tripod
  • props (optional)
  1. First, choose a location where you plan on setting up your photobooth. You may put up a patterned fabric or blanket up a wall as a backdrop. Set up a space where you could put up the props for your guests to use.
  2. Make sure that the tripod that you use is sturdy enough to hold the LomoKino, you wouldn’t want it to wobble while you are shooting. Set the level of the tripod according to the height of the one you’re taking a picture of. Use the viewfinder for reference.
  3. Now’s the fun part! Allow your guests to pose in front of the camera and turn the lever. They can wave their arms, jump up and down, and do other crazy movements.
  4. Process the film and use an editing software to make a mini video of the photos that you captured. Pair it up with a groovy background tune and you’re all set!


  • Prepare loads of film if you’re having a big party. It’s better to have more photos.
  • You can print out copies of the photos to give out as a souvenir to your friends.
  • Experiment in different lighting conditions and locations to have more variety in your photos.

Here is an example of a mini movie made up of photos from a LomoKino photobooth. Learn more about that from Lomography Manila in Motion With the LomoKino: After We Waited :

✘ Vimeo:

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