Coker Arboretum, My Favorite Patch of Greenery

Just inside The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s campus, there is a lovely little arboretum amid the planetarium and the dormitories and the lecture halls. Come explore with me!

Whenever I need a break from the sterile laboratories and the constant construction that seem to weigh heavily on my mind, I take a walk in the arboretum. I’ve been visiting it ever since I could remember, I used to picnic there when I was a kid at summer camp.

Taken with a FED-5B and Holga 120FN

The arboretum is cared for by volunteers and funded by the university so if you can’t at least catch an elderly couple planting an exotic plant, you’ll at least have plenty of university students and town residents to people watch. You may not be alone in the arboretum except at night but I don’t go there to be alone. I like the sense of community you can feel there. It’s also nice to just walk around, trying to read every single plaque that tells you what each plant is.

Taken with a Lomography Sprocket Rocket, Disderi Robot 3, and Horizon 202 (I made a mistake developing this roll.)

From a photographer’s perspective, the arboretum also offers a lot of very interesting light conditions and shapes via the different paths and large open areas in the very center. In fact, I often see local wedding photographers doing shoots there. It may not be a secret spot, but that makes it all the better, it’s a great place to do nature photography and street photography and portraiture all in the same place

Taken with a Kodak Retina IIc and Holga 120FN (I made mistakes developing these rolls too.)

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