LomoKino Spotted in 8TV's Short Film: 'How to Love'


Theme song of this macro short film, ‘How to Love’, performed by famous female artist Cheryl Lee Xin Yi, is perfectly reciprocated in this miserable dilemma of love, where at the end, it will sure lead us to one happy ending.

Screenshot of the short film ‘How to Love’

The reminiscence of love, a piece of memory we lost in the aisle of youth. This delicate story is about a girl who broke up with her boyfriend, deeply fallen & has lived a painful scenario with the precious things her boyfriend has given her.

Here’s the video.

Check out 2:05 onwards.

The pair of boots that promised paths walking together, the cardigan of warmth transmitting that resemblance of his invisible hugs… the story goes even more interesting when it comes to the point that her emotional attachment to the long lost relationship was so relying on those material objects, but in fact, where love is not an object that we could possess.

To all those lost souls in this concrete jungle, stop asking how to love. For love will never be the way we imagined, and love will only grow into some beautiful pictures as of what we’ve desired, when time washed away all the heartbreaks, when we are in total solitude. 

And what’s more, the LomoKino makes an appearance too!

Cheryl Lee Xin Yi, famous female artist (TV host, radio announcer, actress, singer & author)
Daniel Lim (specially introduced)

Story and directed by Samuel Lee.

The short film aired last January 7, 2012 on 8TV and is now available at tonton.com.my.

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