UK Lomographers: Do Not Fear Lomography CN 100 in Winter!


For a long time, I avoided using the Lomography Colour Negative film in the dull UK winter months. I felt that given its slow speed, I wouldn’t be able to get the best out of my shots. I have to say however, this has been disproved by my last few rolls of film.

Credits: fletchinski84

When I got my LC-Wide for Christmas, it came with 2 tins containing Lomography CN 100 film. I was a bit wary of using this film because in many of my other cameras with a fixed shutter speed, such as a Diana Mini or La Sardina, I don’t feel that this would have been fast enough to capture the action. Especially given that here in the UK, the weather and available sunlight are mostly questionable, to say the very least! I figured however, since I could set the film speed on my LC-Wide, then it would make up for the slowness of the 100 ISO and adjust accordingly. I have been pleased with the results in a variety of situations.

First of all, I got it on Christmas Day so I was shooting indoors, in average daylight (as average as it gets indoors anyway) and just handheld. I then went to a photoshoot a few days later and took a few snaps on the LC-Wide, again in average light conditions, indoors, handheld.

Credits: fletchinski84

Firstly, I am happy with the accurate colour portrayal in these shots, and I also like how smooth the film appears, given its relatively slow speed.

Then, I used it on a couple of nights out where I set it down and did a slightly lengthy exposure. Sometimes, I even covered the light meter to allow this to last a bit longer.

Credits: fletchinski84

I like the warm quality to these photos, and I also like the fact that, due to the low speed of the film, it captures movement when a longer exposure time is carried out.

Then, of course, I also used the camera for some indoor night shots with a flash.

Credits: fletchinski84

And some outdoor shots on a nice sunny day — I was suprised at how lovely the colours came out here.

Credits: fletchinski84

This film, being a bit slower, also makes it great for double exposures and I even had a go at a triple once or twice on my first few rolls. My advice for anyone UK based would be – don’t be put off by the low ISO of this film as it handles really well in a camera where the film speed can be selected. The colours are a lot more vibrant than I expected and it is such a good price – I recommend giving it a try for yourself.

Credits: fletchinski84

Use Lomography Colour Negative 100 35mm film and you’ll be guaranteed images dripping with vivid colours, smooth grain, and fine resolution. Paired with a flash or under bright sunlight, this film will deliver breathtaking results. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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    Thanks for this - like you, I've always been put off by it in the past...

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