Time Is Not Long Enough: A Tribute to Analogue Artist Jan Dziaczkowski

Polish artist Jan Dziaczkowski died in September 2011. He was 28 years old. He had a unique voice within the art world. His collages were made using vintage photographs to create surreal landscapes. Read more about the tribute to the analogue artist after the jump.

Original photo via Krzysztof Pacholak

This article was originally a blog entry, but I decided that more people should be aware of Jan’s work.

A few weeks ago, I completed work on a short tribute for Polish artist Jan Dziaczkowski.

His work was humorous, surreal, and imaginative, but also had a serious edge. He was on the verge of getting some serious recognition when he sadly died on a climbing expedition in the Tatra mountains near Warsaw, where he lived and worked.

His work was seen in magazines and was often created using vintage photographs and cut-outs from anywhere pictures were available.

Here are some links to the film itself. After watching, you will probably want to check out his works, of which there are lots to feast your eyes on. Just visit his official website.

You can also visit my website for more info on the tribute. Hope you like the film!

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