Vintage Photos of Personalized A2 Leather Flight Jackets

Back in World War II, US Army Air Force pilots donned these type A2 leather flight jackets and personalized them with designs and patches at the back. Let’s dive back into time and check out the pilot swag! Read on…

Photos via Retronaut

The Type A-2 leather flight jacket was a standard issue jacket commonly given to US Army Air Force Pilots. They were usually given to Air Force officers after completing their basic flight training. Pilots, navigators, and bombers were known to decorate the backs of their jackets with painted artwork and squad patches making them unique to each airmen.

Time Capsule website Retronaut recently posted a collection of vintage photographs of Air Force pilots fashioning their leatherwear. Here are a couple of photos.

Photos via Retronaut

Over the course of time, the A2 flight jackets (sometimes called Bomber jackets) went on to become one of the most iconic styles of badassery. I mean, c’mon… they just look so cool! Even Fonzie wears one and he approves! A2 jackets also paved the way for motorcycle jackets and the biker aesthetics. They never went out of style and are still being manufactured up to this day.

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