Tokujin Yoshioka to Receive Award and Hold Exhibit in Paris

Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka will receive a special award and have some of his works exhibited at an upcoming Maison & Objet fair in Paris. Read about the details after the break.

Images via Tokujin Yoshioka's Official Website and Frame Web

Tokujin Yoshioka, an established Tokyo-based artist and designer, will be receiving the Creator of the Year award for 2012 in an upcoming Maison & Objet fair. He will be the first Japanese to be awarded with the said distinction, which is given every year to an artist who was able to make an exceptional impact in the field of design.

Yoshioka has been held in high regard for several of his projects, such as store design concept for Swarovski, boutique design for Issey Miyake, and space designs for companies like Hermes, Peugot, and Toyota. He has also collaborated with Italian furniture manufacturers, with some of the resulting furniture creations showcased at the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile). Since 2002, the Japanese artist has been creating optical glass projects, the most notable including “Waterfall” (the world’s biggest optical glass table) and “Water Block,” both permanently on display in Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

Maison & Objet will welcome Yoshioka in its roster of chosen designers for this year, as the Now! Design A Vivre Creator of the Year, in a fair and exhibit which will be held from January 20 – 24, 2012. In honor of this award, Yoshioka’s works comprised of crystallized pieces will be showcased in an exhibit entitled “Crystalized Project.”

So, if you’re heading to Paris during the said dates, you may want to take note of the details below:

Venue: Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
Location: ZAC Paris Nord 2, 93420 Villepinte, France
Event Dates: January 20th – 24th, 2012
Details: Maison & Objet Artist Page for Tokujin Yoshioka

Information for this article were taken from Tokujin Yoshioka's Official Website, Tokujin Yoshioka on Wikipedia, Frame Web, and Maison & Objet.

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