Impressive Money Portraits by Senseteam


You’ve probably seen money origami by Won Park in a previous feature. Now, we bring you yet another ingenious set of art out of money. Read about a Chinese creative firm’s award-winning money art after the jump!

Images via Design Boom

Just when you think art out of money can’t get any more detailed and expensive after seeing Won Park's amazing money origami, a Chinese creative firm called Senseteam came up with something just as jaw-dropping, but also obviously very pricey.

Using currency from around the world, Senseteam crafted several interesting artworks for a book and poster series called “Big Business 3.” They did this by cutting the bills into thin strips and tiny pieces, then recomposed them to create beautiful and eye-catching portraits.

Image via Design Boom

According to the designers, the project features currency as it “symbolizes the value of a ntion and its position in the world.” The designers also added that as a whole, the portraits also “reflect the subtle relationships and influences across money, desire, society, nations, and human beings.”

Something this detailed, eye-catching, creative—-and also expensive—is bound to catch the attention of art critics and design experts one way or another. So, it’s not really surprising to find out that the project was awarded by the Hong Kong Design Centre with a Gold Award in Communication Design at the Design for Asia Award 2011.

Let’s take a look at some more of Senseteam’s impressive money art below:

Images via Design Boom

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Information for this article were taken from Design Boom and This is Colossal.

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