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A Lubitel Lover who studies Jewelry design in the heart of Antwerp loves robots and food. Go with the flow with monoflow!

Monoflow has a big passion for vintage cameras, toys and furniture. In his spare time he broadens his creative vision through analogue photography.

1. How did you get into Lomography?

In 2004 I was walking through a bookstore in Jakarta called Aksara and I saw in the display cabinet a white funky plastic camera! I checked out the box and saw all these funky colorful portraits of people and dogs, so I bought my first Colorsplash! From then on the Lomography adventures never stopped!

2. How intimate are you to your Lubitel? Is it your “soul camera”?

Pretty up close and personal I must say! Hahaha, I’m a big fan of the Lubitel 166+ although I still have a lot to learn. I don’t know if I can call it my “soul camera” because I LOVE all my cameras, they all have their own characteristics and unique abilities. I don’t dare to pick my most favorite or else I’ll feel guilty afterwards!

3. The most absurd Lubitel moment that you have had so far?

One thing I love to do on my free time is going to flea markets or special photography fairs and here in Antwerp we have a few of them now and then. About a month ago I was at the “Fotografie Beurs” walking around with the Lubitel around my neck looking for some vintage gadgets and I came across a Lubitel 2, so I thought “WOW! I gotta have that” before I asked the seller how much it cost he asked me about my Lubitel 166+. He said he’s never seen a model like this and if it was new, I told him how I could also use a 35mm film by this time he looked very interested in what I have. He asked if I could give a price for it – “NO! but you can give me the price of yours” I said with a big smile, and he did it was a bargain!

4. Which Lubitel film format do you prefer, 35mm, square, rectangular or panoramic?

I like the 35mm, but when I want to take a photo horizontally I sometimes get confused. It depends on what kind of photographs I want to take and which films are available in the fridge, right now I’m in my rectangular mood but so far like the 120 square format the most.

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