Steve McCurry x Fabio Novembre on Exhibition at MACRO

In his ongoing exhibit, Steve McCurry is literally everywhere you look! In collaboration with Fabio Novembre, Steve’s photographs are seen in a different, more meaningful angle. Take a peek at this one-of-a-kind display after the break.

Photo via Phaidon

Steve McCurry is currently one of the most respected photojournalists in the world today. He is noted for his famous photograph of the Afghan Girl which originally appeared on National Geographic magazine. He is also the last film photographer who used the last ever produced roll of Kodachrome transparency film.

McCurry shoots in both film and digital and his photographs have been displayed in various exhibitions. But in his current self-titled show, Steve McCurry, his photographs are displayed in an unusual way. Designer Fabio Novembre set up dome-like structures in the museum with the photographs hanging on the insides.

“This has the dual effect of giving the viewer time ‘alone’ with the photograph while allowing them to choose their next stop rather than being directed on their journey round the gallery space as is traditionally the case.” (via Phaidon)

Photos via Phaidon

You may catch Steve McCurry on display until April 29th, 2012 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy.

Images and information in this article were taken from Phaidon.

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