Bloomchen and His Weapon of Choice, Lomography Tungsten Film!


It’s his favourite emulsion at the moment and he couldn’t think of any other film brands he can use! But if the unthinkable ever happens that he won’t able to use it ever again – well, he couldn’t be bothered by it, at least for now.

Credits: bloomchen

Name: Toshi D.
Weapon of Choice: Lomography Tungsten

Why is this film your Weapon of Choice?

I love the colours! It´s really simple as that. The results are incredible.

If ever this Weapon of Choice of yours runs out of stock tomorrow, what will be your quick alternative and why?

That isn´t really easy. Probably my first choice would be the Elitechrome since I always had good results with it. 2nd choice would be the Rollei Crossbird which would get another chance. I was a bit disappointed about the first results I got with this film but I guess it was because I compared it with the Tungsten and the Elitechrome and thought the results should somewhat look the same. Can´t say why. Today I really like some of the results and it´s kinda astonishing as the sky turns white with it sometimes.

Credits: bloomchen

It could be your favourite film emulsion, a cheap plastic toy camera or the most fun accessory you have and they are your Weapon of Choice! Want yours to be seen here next week? Then just drop us a line at and you’ll get to show everyone what your Lomo snaps are made of!

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    @bloomchen nice weapon! the colors are awesome

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