Lady Grey Developing Times: Kodak D-76


Several developing times for Kodak D-76 from the helpful boffins of the Lomographic Society. Read on for the tips!

Credits: rockonrobot

After a recent trip to Berlin I was posed with the problem of getting my first ever roll of Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm developed.

Now for those of you who live in Glasgow, you should know that Jessops do not process Black and White film, but Snappy Snaps do. After several trips into Snappy Snaps, and having more than a few conversations with the helpful staff, I discovered that they use Kodak D-76 to develop their film.

Turning to the helpful forums on the Lomography website, I found some developing times for Lady Grey, all of which Snappy Snaps do not use.

Turning away disheartened from the lab I sought the advice of the lovely Lomography team. This is what they came up with:

D76 undiluted = 7:30 min,20° Celsius
D76 1+1 = 10:15 min, 20° Celsius
D76 1+3 = 15 min, 20° Celsius

So if you use Snappy Snaps in Glasgow, they will have these developing times on their board and will now be able to process your roll without further hassle.

Credits: rockonrobot

Lomography’s Lady Grey is a lovely black and white 35mm ISO 400 film that will add class and elegance to your photos. For capturing action and great low-light shots, Lady Grey is your best bet. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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