Odette & Aimé: Breakfast in Paris


A bistro which will put you in a Parisian mood.

After a rather short but stressful taxi ride from Gare De Nord (the taxi driver threw us out of his car after just a 5-minute drive because we refused to pay 40 euros that he suddenly demanded, as I knew the ride wasn’t supposed to cost so much) we found a pleasant little street bistro serving the local clientele.

The food was ok and suffered, in our opinion, from the current very Parisian trait of food served with a lack of attention to detail. The snails were not heated correctly (clearly not cooked fresh) and the onion soup was slightly above lukewarm. Plus points were the excellent bottle of Cote Rotie and great rustic bread, staff were warm, friendly, and helpful. But the atmosphere was something we enjoyed very very much. There were families with cutely dressed up children (it was a Saturday) and a couple of sweet old ladies dining together. All were true Parisians for sure. There was a strong community vibe in the air, which made us forget about an unfortunate beginning of our weekend break.

Our waiter was very, very helpful and helped us to get a normally priced taxi after we finished dining for which we paid only 10 euros). So I would say that this place is definitely worth visiting for some wine, coffee or light breakfast.

Odette & Aimé
46 Rue de Maubeuge,
75009 Paris, France

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  1. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    omg i ate there when I visited Paris!! :D
    brings back memories!

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