A Lomographer's Template for Noteshelf


I recently lost my camera notes and that led me to create a Lomography-inspired template for the iPad application, Noteshelf. Read on to learn how I did this.

Let me be straight with you; I lose things, and I lose things a lot. They turn up eventually, but never when I need them. About a year a go, I lost my SD card reader for my iPad; I found it last week in a box of important documents. I’d clearly put the reader in there for safekeeping.

What has this got to do with this article? Well, one of the things I lose the most is my notes. I’ll scribble things down on bits of paper and in notebooks and will inevitably lose them. This is especially the case when it comes to film photography. As I have 9 film cameras, knowing what film is in what camera and where I’ve taken photos with it can be a bit of a head scratcher. Now, I could just write them down on a piece of paper, but see above..

So, this losing of notepads led me to discover a great iPad app called Noteshelf. It’s a brilliant app that does exactly what it says on the tin; it allows you to create all sorts of notes, whether hand-written or typed, and stores them on a set of convenient shelves. The app has lots of great features (take a look at the screenshots below) and a wide selection of templates to chose from.

However, there is one template (or maybe even a series) that is missing; one suitable for us LomoLovers. So, I decided I would create one and share it with you all to use on your own Noteshelf. I’ve even put a little Lomography logo on there (hope you don’t mind Lomography bosses).

To use the template you will need to save the image into your photos on your iPad and then import it into Noteshelf. This is very easy to do; just follow these instructions below.

  • Download or email the template to your iPad and ensure the image is in your photos
  • Open Noteshelf
  • Click ‘New’ to create a new notebook
  • From the paper type drop-down, select ‘custom’
  • Click on ‘Create New Template From Image’
  • Give your template a name
  • Click on the preview placeholder image and select the template image saved in your Photos
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Give your notepad a name and chose a suitable cover
  • Click ‘create’ to finish

I hope you like the template and if you have any suggestions or comments, please drop me a message.

written by leftofnever on 2012-01-31 #gear #tutorials #35mm #analogue #camera #tutorial #tipster #lomography #template #ipad #noteshelf


  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    LSI: Really, you don't public an article about a FREE app that promotes Lomography but this is ok? You are so unfair. @leftofnever: Nothing to do with you, good article! Lomo on! :)

  2. aalper
    aalper ·

    Lomography. This isn't very subtle. I am disorganized, so I bought an iPad? ..

  3. leftofnever
    leftofnever ·

    @aalper - Thanks for your feedback. I'm slightly bemused as to why you think I bought an iPad because I am disorganized. You don't know me or my reasons why I bought an iPad - it certainly wasn't because I'm disorganized.

  4. aalper
    aalper ·

    @leftofnever You wrote "Let me be straight with you; I lose things, and I lose things a lot". Hopefully that helps your slight bemusement.

  5. leftofnever
    leftofnever ·

    @aalper - No, as I said in my previous message, I was bemused as to why you thought I bought an iPad because I lose things. I admit I lose things; I just found some negatives I'd forgotten about, but this, like Noteshelf has no relation to me buying or owning an iPad.

  6. aalper
    aalper ·

    @leftofnever No, you misunderstand me. I am commenting on the fact that this seems less a tool for Lomographers and more like an ad for Apple Products.

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