A Guide To Taking Cool Carnival Snapshots With Multi-Lens Cameras


The carnival is a great place for Lomographic moments. Everywhere you look there’s an explosion of colors, surreal details, and unexpected occurrences! For moments like these it helps to have an easy-to-use, fuss-free camera – Read on for some tips for multi-lens shooters when the carnival comes to town!

Photos by: zulupt

How can you not multi-lens cameras? They’re cute, lightweight, and convenient. They don’t require fumbling with various settings, and they offer a fresh new perspective with its multiple lenses. You can even animate your shots to make some fantastic mini movies, or fill up your walls with interesting patterns. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Take advantage of the sunlight. – Multi-Lens cameras love the sun! For super-vibrant colors, load up your camera with a slide film and have it cross-processed. Try the Lomography X-Pro Chrome Film 100 ISO for best results.

Watch out for funny and strange expressions! – It’s easy to get distracted by a sudden shower of confetti or the loud upbeat music, but make sure to keep an eye on priceless facial expressions! With so many things going on, you’re sure to catch a good variation – delight, amusement, awe, excitement, and so on!

Pack high-speed film for afternoon and nighttime shots. – Carnival lights look pretty at nighttime, but since some Multi-Lens cameras are not equipped with flash or a hotshoe, it would be wise to stock up on speedy film, like the Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO.

Photos by: irbypace

Double-expose your shots or film-swap with a friend. – Before sending your film roll to the lab, invite a friend to shoot over your roll and see what surreal images you can come up with! Since carnival photos are already detailed and colorful, you can also try taking nice background photos before using your Multi-Lens camera to give your carnival snapshots an interesting texture. Using your Lomo LC-A+, take photos of the sky, concrete, brick wall, grass … you get the idea!

Animate your shots to make mini movies. – A Supersampler and an Actionsampler Flash photo has four frames in one photo; an Oktomat snapshot has 8 frames. Imagine the mini-movie possibilities! Do you like Pop Art? With the Pop 9 you get 9 identical shots in a grid, which would look amazing lined up on a wall.

Lomography Multi-Lens cameras only require a click of a button or a ripcord pull to take fun, action-packed photos, so have fun at the carnival and don’t forget to show us your Lomographs!

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