A Garden Full of Nature

I want to take a deep breath of fresh air and if you’re sharing the same sentiment, then I got a place for you and it is a place where you can get fresh air, see greenery, and just enjoy nature. The Botanical Garden is located near Cluny Road and is easily accessible by MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) especially now as there is a station just right next to the main gate. It is half the size of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew or around 1/5 of New York’s Central Park.

Singapore Botanic Garden is the only place, which has its gates open from 5am ‘til 12 midnight. Now isn’t that impressive? This means you can visit the place as early as 5am to enjoy the fresh air and stay there as late as before 12 midnight to enjoy the chilly wind. It is a very good place to bring kids along as they get to learn interesting facts about all the plants and trees and I am very sure they will like it.

Let me touch on the various attractions of the garden. First up, National Orchid Garden, which is the main attraction. It is a three-hectare site which has a collection of more than 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids. Next up, Ginger Garden which is located next to National Orchid Garden, and brings together members of the Zingiberaceae (an alternative name for the Ginger Family) family and there is a nice restaurant called “Halia Restaurant”.

There is another reason why I say that the Botanic Garden is a fun place for kids and so next up is Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, which opened on Children’s Day, 1 October 2007. It is the first children’s garden in Asia claimed by the National Parks Board. It comes with a water play area, a small playground, tree house with slides and a maze. What’s more, there are exhibits that give the young ones a chance to learn about the photosynthesis process and a mini garden which shows how plants can be used for dye making, beverages, and herbs.

Looking for a romantic place with your loved ones? Well, there is a big open field and a stage on the water called Symphony Lake where you can have a mini picnic and enjoy the performances by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Your cameras are waiting to open its shutter already so hurry down to the Botanic Garden and have great fun!

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