Art for AIDS: Rumah Cemara x Lomonesia BDG Exhibition


Lomonesia Bandung had the opportunity to hold exhibit again. This time, they collaborated with Rumah Cemara, a social institution which concerns in HIV/AIDS. The event was held in the end month of December which commemorated World AIDS Day.

This exhibition, Art for Aids, was held at Gedung Indonesia Menggugat, Bandung. Lomonesia Bandung showed their support through this exhibition. Lomonesia Bandung decided to exhibit large format lomographs to commemorate World AIDS Day.

Here are some shots before the opening of the exhibition:

This exhibition was took place last 17th of December and went on until the 21st December 2011. I was there earlier before the opening so I can enjoy the exhibition by myself. Actually, 2 of my photos were included in the exhibit.

Opening band

The opening of the exhibition was so great! Many young people of Bandung came and take a look around the great photos on display.

The opening of the exhibition

Aside from the exhibition, there is a talk show by Rumah Cemara about HIV/AIDS. It was interesting to hear the facts about HIV/AIDS. It really opened my mind because I don’t really know about HIV/AIDS. I just know that HIV/AIDS is a deadly virus. The people from Rumah Cemara seems to know everything about it so I just listen to the talk show carefully.

Thank you Lomonesia Bandung who held such a great exhibition! Thank you Rumah Cemara who cooperate with Lomonesia Bandung! So are you ready to meet Lomonesia Bandung? Here you go!

@adi_totp, @istionojr & @ panjihardjakaprabon

From Bandung with Love,

Lomonesia Bandung

More information may be found on Rumah Cemara.

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  1. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Keep up the good work Rumah Cemara and Lomonesia Bandung! Always in solidarity with the struggles of people and families affected by HIV/AIDS.

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Wow. Sempat datang sih waktu malam minggu, pas lagi ada beatbox performance. Tapi langsung pulang lagi karena ga ada yang kenal :)

  3. chouchm
    chouchm ·

    Hebat ! saya orang prancis tapi saya sangat suka Indonesia ! Saya senang untuk mempunyai kabar dari teman-teman "lomo" dari Indonesia :-))
    saya berharap sukses untuk pameran ini !

  4. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    manteb bener nih field report di!

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