A Trip to Buenos Aires With My Mom

To take out the person who cares for us and gives us love always…is priceless. Almost a year ago, I asked my mom to go on a vacation with me to Buenos Aires. Read about our trip after the jump!

Last summer, almost a year ago, I invited my mother on vacation. I think we had never been anywhere on vacation just the two of us, so I took her with me to know Buenos Aires.

We were there just a few days, practically a weekend, but we spent them well.

We ran around all the places I wanted to know that I had written down in my notebook. Since my mother loves beer as much as I do, we ordered national beers everywhere we went to eat.

And in this manner we spent a nice weekend, even though she argued with me that I was desperate to know all the places. She said she would be afraid to go with me to a larger city, such as New York City, because then I would be dragging her all around.

Despite being tired, her radiant face in all the photos is priceless. I know that she enjoyed it, but I am sure that the pictures will allow us to remember it for many years to come.

written by iaki on 2012-01-30 #lifestyle #travel #trip #vacation #buenos-aires #love #happiness #mother #mom #lomography #analogue-lifestyle
translated by isabelbatteria

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