Travel in 2011: Winter in Barcelona


I was lucky enough to sneak a cheeky trip to Barcelona onto the end of my 2011. I had never been there before and thought that it was a wonderful place to photograph. Plus with the glorious sunshine that we were lucky enough to experience, we consider it as a huge bonus!

Credits: kneehigh85

Barcelona was a surprise trip organised for my partner for his birthday. I wanted to go somewhere where it would not be so cold that we couldn’t enjoy sightseeing, but close enough that we could pick up flights fairly cheaply. My younger cousin had just returned from a school trip to Barcelona and could recommend it highly enough. We had a great four days there and I think this is about the right amount of time to spend in the city, although when I thought about coming back to work and the dull Yorkshire weather I could have easily stayed a little longer. We did lots of things while we were there but these were some of the highlights for me:

1. Visiting Park Guell.

Credits: kneehigh85

We went to the park on the last day of our trip, which also happened to be the hottest. This was a great way to relax and enjoy the last bit of sunshine that we were likely to see for 2011.

2. Catching the golden hour from a cable car.

Credits: kneehigh85

We were lucky enough to catch the setting of the sun one day from half way up a mountain on the west of the city centre. This was a great photo opportunity and one of my favourite evenings of the trip.

3. Sandcastles on the beach.

Credits: kneehigh85

Whilst walking along the beach we met a couple of men who are professional “sandcastle-builders”. The castles they made (as well as animals and objects) were amazing and really original pieces of artwork. Of course during the evening we spent with them, Dave felt he had to get involved and built himself a little sand pyramid as you can see in the photos above.

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    beautiful photos and great article! love the tram photos especially - super awesome

  2. joyceyjoyce
    joyceyjoyce ·

    love the photos!

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