Double Exposures with Trees and Twigs


You own a camera that is able to create double exposures but don’t really know how to work this effect out? try simply to superpose trees, twigs, with a character, hands, face, it will give a beautiful faerie effect!

Credits: cecilialisbon

When I received my Holga 120 CFN, I was thrilled to know I could make double exposures. I just started out doing random ones, and realized the combination of trees and human-beings was pretty amazing. The main idea of this is the “link” between humans and nature, well, this is now what inspires me the most.

You’ll need:

  • a camera that does double exposures
  • a film (135 or 120, depending your camera)
  • a tree, tree twigs (go out)
  • a person’s body, face, hands (or your own hands, body, face, if someone can take your picture, of course)

Now you are ready. On the first exposure, take photos of trees and twigs. On the second exposure on the same frame, take photos of a face, hand, or any part of the body. You’ll get results like these:

(the pictures were taken with HOLGA 120 CFN and HOLGA 135BC)

Now try it and let your imagination flow!

written by cecilialisbon on 2012-01-31 #gear #tutorials #art #trees #camera #tipster #double #twigs #quickie-tipster #select-type-of-tipster


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  1. jochan
    jochan ·

    Nice photos!

  2. kathleenmendoza
    kathleenmendoza ·

    I love the second photo (2/4)! :)

  3. hail90
    hail90 ·

    They look like those maps of people veins/arteries. I like it!!

  4. cecilialisbon
    cecilialisbon ·

    @jochan,@kathleenmendoza,@hail90 ,thanks a lot !

  5. lssw
    lssw ·

    I love the idea, i'll have to try it soon!

  6. cecilialisbon
    cecilialisbon ·

    @Issw can't wait to see the results :)

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