Can Birdhouses be Foreclosed?


Another birdie find – not in birds eye view, mind you. Here are some birdie birdhouses, with a twist! Their exteriors resemble storefronts found in the human world. “For The Birds” is the name of the series by designers Jeff Canham and Luke Bartels.

Jeff Canham and Luke Bartels

Images via Booooooom

Though the first image in the gallery may be a sore subject to touch upon, it’s done tastefully and isn’t a mockery of the dire situation the housing market, and those affected, is in, despite the fact it might still attract mocking, Mockingbirds.

They are humorous, and parody the real world of business and commerce. “Vultures” work in the law firm on Blue Jay Way, and “Madame Cuckoo” is the resident psy-chic. If you do give a hoot about birds, this will tickle you, if not, it might ruffle your feathers…but we highly doubt that!

Why not be creative, buy a couple of plain, cheap wooden birdhouses and pain your own bird town!

This article was inspired by a post on Booooooom.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Silly "dad" humor. Ha-ha :D

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